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Hydropower plants technical consultancy and dedicated consultancy services

We have a dedicated team for project-based services: we evaluate your needs offering a suitable and result-oriented service.

We are always up to new challenges and to satisfy your needs.

Attività di consulenza dedicata nel panorama idroelettrico e per opere idrauliche. Contattaci ora per una consulenza su misura.

Our services:

  • Hydrological and hydraulic analyses
  • Technical and administrative due diligence
  • Penstocks assessment
  • Feasibility studies
  • Hydraulic assessment of existing projects
  • Functional assessment of intake/discharge works
  • Static and dynamic analysis of dams and penstock
  • FMEA-based risk assessement on hydropower plants

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in the Italian engineering sector, we can propose you tailor-made consultancy services.

Areas of expertise

impianti idroelettrici frosio next

Hydropower plants

The hydropower plants represent 40 years of our history. They are majestic and modest as well. Sometimes they are artworks and sometimes thay are pure concentrates of technology: our passion since 1980.

opere difesa idraulica frosio next

Hydraulic engeenering works

The importance of the hydraulic engineering works is now undeniable and there are various solutions that can ensure the safety of our towns and our areas.
Thanks to our experience in the field, we propose the solution that best suits the context.

dighe opere civili frosio next

Dams and civil works

Arch, gravity, concrete, earth or rockfill dams: they are some of the many types of dams! The dams are the type of works that best reflect the level of competence achieved.
They are the perfect example of multidisciplinarity and a concentrate of the various civil works we are able to realize.

Our dedicated consultancy services

We are committed to offering you complete consultancy on hydroelectric and hydraulic plants that will support you in every step of your project. From the first stage of analysis, to design and development. We help you understand if your projects are safe, functional and profitable.

Discover now our consulting services!

Find out the other services

Preliminary, detailed and construction design

From an idea to a sustainable project: we follow all the design phases of your work from the idea to the construction design.

We are a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team and we guide you through all the design phases to ensure an highly result-oriented process.

Servizio di consulenza e assistenza per il rispetto delle procedure ambientali. Contattaci per le valutazioni sull'impatto ambientale. - 1
Servizio di progettazione preliminare, definitiva ed esecutiva per impianti idroelettrici e opere idrauliche. - 1

Environmental services

Our work complies with the respect and protection of the environment.
During our studies we take into consideration the accumulation with other projects, the use of natural resources, the production of waste, pollution and environmental disturbances.
Particular attention is paid to the environmental sustainability of the areas directly or indirectly affected by the project, both during construction and operation.
We assess the potential impacts on the surroundings due to the work.

Construction supervision and performance tests supervision

We ensure a fundamental support in order to monitor the correct performance of all the design phases, the compliance with deadlines, the costs control and the other multiple aspects which determine the success of the works.

Servizio di progettazione preliminare, definitiva ed esecutiva per impianti idroelettrici e opere idrauliche. - 2
Servizio di progettazione preliminare, definitiva ed esecutiva per impianti idroelettrici e opere idrauliche. - 4

Project Management

We act as the only interlocutor with the client, with a general overview which allows us to manage different experts: coordinated project management guarantees the success of each project, compliance with deadlines and cost containment.

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Since 1980 we’ve taken care of the design, supervised the works and commissioned hydropower plants for more than 600 clients, among which…

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