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Plants Analysis and Assessment Model

Frosio Next has developed a method that makes it possible to evaluate the state of conservation, efficiency and functioning of the works and equipment of hydroelectric plants, developing a model that returns numerical and comparable values.


The italian hydroelectric park is, at least, 60 years old: in general the existing hydraulic works and infrastructures  all over the world are still the original ones.

The need to evaluate the state of health is, therefore, more urgent than ever.

The model

The model, conceived by Frosio Next ( already applied to more than 30 hydroelectric plants in Northern Italy and presented as an official assessment method to the institutions) is therefore aimed at providing concessionaires with a valuable tool built on the basis of:

  • Data,notes and informations of checks, verifications and monitoring relating to the components of the plant
  • Interventions, mainteinance, trials, tests and verifications carried out and/or planned
  • Measurements of the sensors applied to the works and equipment of the plant
  • Informations collected from operations, with the purpose of evaluating the main components of the plant
Plant Analysis and Assessment

Method and parameters

This method is based on a numerical approach through the quantification of various parameters so as to make it objective and replicable. The lack of detailed informations on the operational life of the plant and the impossibility of stoping it to collect useful data have led to the need to introduce indirect indicators for the assessment of the state of the components indipendent of the specialist carrying out the plant inspection.


The results achieved have therefore made it possible to introduce a tool that provides a complete picture of the health of the works and/or the equipment that affect the operation of an hydroelectric plant. Through direct monitoring of the system, we can then obtain precise and approved data, allowing us to plan interventions over time and possibly postpone replacements.

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