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Frosio Next

More then 40 years in the hydropower and hydraulic engineering field

The Company was founded in 1980 with the name of Studio Frosio by the engineer Giancarlo Frosio, after a successful career as hydropower plant designer in SEB (Brescia Electrical Company) and in ENEL (the national energy company in Italy), where he was the Director of the Hydropower Division.

As years went by, we have never stopped growing: in February 2016 the Swiss group BKW acquired the majority share of Studio Frosio and in March 2019 Luigi Papetti acquired the majority share of the company and a process of company reorganization started: as part of this renewal, the company branch belonging to Waterways S.r.l. for the activities related to dams and civil works has been acquired as well as the staff has increased.

In 2021 Studio Frosio evolves and becomes Frosio Next: Strategies for Water.

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Studio Frosio evolve e diventa Frosio Next. Consulenza e realizzazione per opere idrauliche e impianti idroelettrici.

New brand, same values

Growth has always been our value and a constant goal that has distinguished us and led us to achieve great results.

Our identity, our values, our objectives are always the same: now we are ready for a new step.

Next stands for a step forward. A renewed, updated and dynamic reality!

It is a moment of great symbolic value, in which we are going to expand the boundaries of our business, backed by 40 years of experience acquired in the hydropower sector and ready to face the future with increased enthusiasm.

Frosio Next reconfirms its commitment to the hydropower sector and expands its field of action to the hydraulic infrastructures such as dams and aqueducts and to the reduction of hydraulic risk providing engineering services aimed at improving living conditions and the environmental conditions.

The story behind our logo and our payoff

The circle is the perfect shape, the linear synthesis of the earth and of the nature; the representation of totality and harmony. The geometric shape of the logo also recalls the globe, indicating our ambitious goal: internationalization and the challenge of the international markets.

Blue is the color of water, which can fit any needs, flowing in continuous evolution and it has always been our core business.

Here’s a piece of trivia: the cut of the white line inside the logo recalls a page that is leafing through, as a symbol of continuous progress and at the same time it reminds the profile of a dam, proving our consolidated activity in the hydropower sector.

Frosio Next – Strategies for water represents our willingness to implement strategies focused on water and our desire to never stop growing and

It reflects the willingness to offer cunning and smooth solutions which can fit any circumstance, as the water does.

Strategies for water is a step towards the future and the future starts now:
Welcome to Frosio Next!

The team

Our greatest strength is our team work: we are a team of highly qualified, driven and passionate professionals and we work day by day in order to achieve excellent results.

Our clients
Countries where we have worked in
Waterways we analyzed
Studio Frosio evolve e diventa Frosio Next. Consulenza e realizzazione per opere idrauliche e impianti idroelettrici. - 1

The method

In order to ensure the best possible engineering service, firstly we focused on ourselves.

Our work method reflects our values, our objectives and our strengths.

Qualifications and certifications

We carry out each activity in compliance with the Quality Management System updated to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, currently in use. We are also certified according to the ISO 14001: 2015 standard.

All consultancy services are provided at the highest professional levels, understanding and respecting the needs and requirements of the client and taking into account the objectives of sustainability, health, safety and the environment.

Our projects


Our clients

Since 1980 we’ve taken care of the design, supervised the works and commissioned hydropower plants for more than 600 clients, among which…