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Penstocks assessment

We guarantee a service of assessment aimed at defining the operating and safety conditions of the penstocks.

Servizio di Asseverazione Condotte Forzate

In order to assess a penstock, the main following technical aspects will be taken into consideration:

  • Georeferenced surveys, inspection and topographic analysis of the penstock and of the surroundings.
  • Geotechnical and geological analysis: evaluation of the area where the pensyock is located from a geolocial, geotechnical and seismic point of view.
  • Hydraulic analysis: evaluation of the hydraulic stresses which act on the penstock.
  • Metallurgical analysis: thickness measurement, in situ and laboratory tests
  • Analysis of the concrete and reinforced concrete parts of the penstock, of the saddles and of foundations.
  • Structural analysis of the penstock: we evaluate how the penstock reacts to the stresses, including seismic ones.
  • Anthropic risk analysis: evaluation of the residual risk scenarios related to potential failures of the penstock leading at uncontrolled water leaks which can affect urbanized areas.
  • Protection systems: evaluation of the protection systems which can detect water leaks or failures.
Servizio di asseverazione delle condotte forzate di impianti idroelettrici. Contattaci ora per informazioni sul servizio. -1

The activities

Servizio di asseverazione delle condotte forzate di impianti idroelettrici. Contattaci ora per informazioni sul servizio. -2

We evaluate the information, data and documentations to elaborate the technical specifications for the specialistic surveys:

Topographic surveys:

Suveys with drone, laser scanner of total station, according to the accessibility and to the visibility of the slope. The aim is to provide detailed topographic information about the penstocks and about the slope along which the penstocks are located.

Geological surveys:

They are carried out according to the surroundings: geomechanical or geophysical surveys.

Tests on concrete parts:

Coring of blocks and saddles, destructive and non destructive tests.

Metallurgical surveys:

Thickness assessment, welding assessment, metallographic replica, sampling for chemical analysis and mechanical characterization (traction, hardness, resilience, NDT: Non-Destructive Testing). External and internal inspection with photograpich report and survey report.

Sulla base dei risultati delle indagini e sui dati e disegni forniti dal committente, vengono effettuate:

  • Analisi dei transitori idraulici (colpo d’ariete)
  • Analisi statica e strutturale (risposta della condotta alle sollecitazioni)
  • Analisi del rischio antropico (rottura condotta)
Asseverazione condotte forzate

Only after a detailed analysis of each component, the final report of the penstock assessment will be elaborated with the aim to provide a detailed and complete overview concerning the operating and safety conditions of the penstock.

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