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We are an Italian leading company in the hydropower field and in the hydraulic engineering.

Born in 1980, originally as Studio Frosio, in 2021 we have taken the current name as result of the company reorganization, begun with the acquisition of the majority share of Studio Frosio by Luigi Papetti, passing through the increasing of the staff and, to date, enshrined with the acquisition of the company branch belonging to Waterways S.r.l. for the activities related to dams and civil works.

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Hydropower plants

The hydropower plants represent 40 years of our history. They are majestic and modest as well. Sometimes they are artworks and sometimes thay are pure concentrates of technology: our passion since 1980.

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Hydraulic engineering works

The importance of the hydraulic engineering works is now undeniable and there are various solutions that can ensure the safety of our towns and our areas.
Thanks to our experience in the field, we propose the solution that best suits the context.

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Dams and civil works

Arch, gravity, concrete, earth or rockfill dams: they are some of the many types of dams! The dams are the type of works that best reflect the level of competence achieved.
They are the perfect example of multidisciplinarity and a concentrate of the various civil works we are able to realize.

Best challenges

In more than 40 years of activity we have successfully conceived and applied revolutionary and avantgarde solutions.

We are pioneers of innovative solutions in the hydropower sector: constant growth to achieve important goals.

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Our clients

Since 1980 we’ve taken care of the design, supervised the works and commissioned hydropower plants for more than 600 clients, among which…

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