Risk assessment in the hydropower sector

We have developed and applied a method aimed at programming and scheduling the maintenance activities of civil and hydraulic works and infrastructures as well as the mechanical and electromechanical components of an hydropower plant, based on the risk assessment (FMEA).

The aim is to provide a general overview of the plant with a focus on the management issues and on the level of risk through the identification of the most critical components of the plant. The application of the method leads to the identification of the intervention priorities in order to reduce the management costs and to optimize the hydropower production.

Frosio Next offre consulenza per la valutazione del rischio in impianti idroelettrici. Risk assessment e FMEA per il tuo progetto.

Target audience

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Electricity companies

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Hydropower plants operators


The reduction of the management costs and the optimization of the hydropower plan activities are achieved with the Risk Assessment serivce throught:

1 valutazione frosio next

Assessment and quantification of risks which could affect the operation of the plant

2 verifica frosio next

Check of effectiveness and efficiency of the exiting controls

3 pianificazione frosio next

Detailed planning of maintenance activites to be carried out on the plant

4 aumento frosio next

Improvement of the reliability and availability of the plant

5 gestione frosio next

Comprehensive management of works and equipment of the plant

6 elaborazione frosio next

Elaboration of a functional overview of the plant

7 gestione frosio next

Safety management of the infrastructures and plants under concession

8 rapporto frosio next

Collaborative relationship with the insurance company for the claims treatment

9 gestione frosio next

Management of procedures concering the companies responsibilities

The service consists of 3 phases

During the audit phase, our team elaborate the FMEA sheet for each analyzed component: the RPN value represents the condition of the component itself and it identifies the need of interventions and monitoring activities.

The in-depth knowledge concerning the functional condition of the hydropower plants is an unavoidable precondition to increase awareness of the remaining useful life of the main plant components under efficiency, reliability and safety conditions.

In the monitoring phase, the variation over time of the quantities considered as indicators of the state of safety, efficiency and reliability is quantified by recording the measurements made by the probes to be installed on the main components of the plant and the results of the investigations and inspections.

The monitoring results will be reported in the FMEA sheets.

In this phase, we plan the interventions to keep the plant working under safety, efficiency and reliability conditions over time.

We optimize the scheduling of extraordinary maintenance interventions, necessary or appropriate, monitoring the plant components on which it is decided not to intervene in the short period.

The FMEA sheet will contain information about the interventions to be carried out, with timing and priorities.

Frosio Next offre consulenza per la valutazione del rischio di impianti idroelettrici attraverso FMEA. Richiedi informazioni -1
Frosio Next offre consulenza per la valutazione del rischio di impianti idroelettrici attraverso FMEA. Richiedi informazioni -2
Failure Mode Effect Analysis

FMEA Method

The FMEA method – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis – is widely used to analyze the potential failure mode of a process, a product or a system: for each identified failure mode, the potential effects, the causes and the controls are evaluated and quantified.

By means of the risk index – RPN Risk Priority Number – it is possible to identify the actions to be taken for each analyzed component with their respective priorities,in order to increase the efficiency, safety and reliability of the entire production process.

The application of FMEA method.
Thanks to our multi-year experience, we apply the FMEA method to the hydropower plants, with the aim of identifying the priorities of the maintenance activities for plant components and equipment: the FMEA analysis will be applied for each main component of plant considering the effects of each potential failure mode on the component itself and on the interconnected ones.



RPN is the index for the identification of the intervention priorities and it is based on 3 factors:

  1. Severity: How severe are the effects?
  2. Detectability: How easily can the damage be detected?
  3. Occurrence: How often does it happen?

RPN Alert’s thresholds

The pre-established alert thresholds of the RPN values identify the risk levels: negligible, acceptable and high risk.

After the identification of the potential failure modes which can affect a plant’s component, their effects, causes and controls, we evaluate the corrective actions to reduce the risk according to the intervention priorities based on the RPN value: the higher the RPN value, ther greater the need to carry out corrective actions to lower the value of one or more of the three factors.

Frosio Next offre consulenza per la valutazione del rischio di impianti idroelettrici attraverso FMEA. Richiedi informazioni-3


At the end of the analysis we elaborate a report with a general overview about the maintenance status of each plant, including the recommended actions to be carried out with their respective degrees of urgency, the monitoring, the investigations and the plant’s surveys to be performed with the relative frequency.

The report is the summary of the individual FMEA sheets of each analyzed component. Furthermore, we will provide the guidelines for the relationship with the insurance companies for the claims treatment.

Frosio Next offre consulenza per la valutazione del rischio in impianti idroelettrici. Risk assessment e FMEA per il tuo progetto -4

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With more than 40 years’ experience in the hydropower sector, we can count on a know-how that allows us to apply the FMEA method to the works and to the equipment of an hydropower plant. You will receive a comprehensive overview of your plant allowing you to identify the intervention priorities, to reduce management costs and to optimize the hydropower production.

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