Sbarramento mobile con paratoie tipo Obermeyer
Installation of Obermeyer pneumatically actuated gates2022-09-22T11:39:32+02:00
Sbarramento mobile con paratoie a ventola oleodinamiche
Weir with hydraulic actuated flap gates2022-09-22T11:38:07+02:00
Installation of a retractable gate prototype on existing wair2022-09-22T11:42:26+02:00
First installations of Coanda type weir in Italy2022-09-22T11:44:33+02:00
Primi impianti sul DMV
First SHPP on environmental flow in Italy2022-09-22T11:48:03+02:00
First SHPP on dam outlets in Italy2022-09-22T11:50:08+02:00
HPP on thermal power plant cooling system2022-09-22T11:52:55+02:00
Impianti a cavallo di traversa
First low head SHPP accross existing weir in Italy2022-09-22T11:55:17+02:00
Primo utilizzo di turbine sommerse
First installations of submerged Kaplan turbine in Italy2022-09-22T11:57:20+02:00