First low head SHPP accross existing weir in Italy

The project

Many years ago, in Italy, the hydropower potential had already been almost totally exploited, so Frosio Next team studied and applied new hydropower solutions: the exploitation of heads across weirs, even existing ones, for energy production. The first studies and applications date back to 2010 and they are still in progress.
On one hand these applications are linked to undoubted benefits related to the use of existing works, with relatively low investments and a particularly rewarding incentive system, but on the other hand the design of these systems is particularly difficult due to several existing constraints such as the need (imposed by the legislation) to discharge at the weir foot and the low water levels upstream.
The proposed solutions which were pioneering at the time, have now become the standard for this type of plant which is increasingly common along our rivers.

Impianti a cavallo di traversa
Impianti a cavallo di traversa
Impianti a cavallo di traversa
Impianti a cavallo di traversa

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