Hydraulic works: What they are and why design is important

by Frosio Next

January 2023

In our years of activity, we have been engaged in the design and construction of hydraulic works and hydroelectric plants, making the service one of the pillars of our offer.

The hydraulic works

The “Consolidated text of regulations concerning   different categories of hydraulic works” defines the hydraulic works as the set of constructions built to arrange the water courses.

Therefore, Hydraulic works are structures combined with a watercourse in order to modify or stop its flow.

In Italy, the articles of the Royal Decree of 25 July 1904, n. 523 identify five main categories of interventions on hydraulic works:

  • First category: works aimed at the conservation of the riverbed of border rivers
  • Second category: works along dammed rivers and their confluents and new channels, adjustments and related works to regulate dammed of rivers;
  • Third category: other watercourses intervention works which do not fall into the previous two categories; these include watercourse optimizations which allow the defence of public works (roads, railways, state property), prevent overflowing and flooding, protect territories, homes and crops.
  • Fourth category: riverbed arrangements and containment of rivers, streams and large watercourse;
  • Fifth category: works to protect homes from landslides and watercourse corrosion.

Hydraulic works include dams, aqueducts and sewage treatment plants.

A job for engineers only

According to article 51 of the R.D. October 23, 1925, n. 2537, the only professionals authorized to design water works on the river are engineers.

This professional must take care of the project, the conduct and the estimation of the work. Afterwards, they are in charge of geometric survey  the definition of solo materials to be used and the work plan. To build a hydraulic work, great analytical skills are required, in particular of hydrological and hydraulic phenomena, to be applied to the project and extended to the entire work team.

In Frosio Next you will find qualified engineers and professionals, specialized in the realization of hydraulic and hydroelectric works.

Meet our team now!

Study and Analysis in hydraulic works

The first design phase concerns the study of the area of intervention.

It is important that the company in charge of the project carefully analyzes the workplace, takes into account all the variables and proceeds with the creation of a work plan that is consistent with the needs of the customer and at the same time respects the natural landscape.

The engineering company will focus its activities on the study of hydrological phenomena of the area of intervention, assessing the feasibility of the construction of the hydraulic or hydroelectric work.

The importance of proper design

To design a hydraulic work, as we have said, it is necessary the intervention of specialized engineers able to analyze the hydraulic and hydrological phenomena and find solutions to improve the starting situation.

The competence of the Frosio Next team allows to offer, in addition to a consultancy service for the realization of the works, the fulfillment of the following activities:

  • achieve feasibility studies, with an analysis of the technical and physical characteristics of the project and an economic analysis that studies the costs and benefits of the project. We are committed to proposing sustainable solutions in all respects;
  • identify elements of risk, hydraulic and not, and cut them down to ensure the safety of the work and a smooth process;
  • identify digital tools to modernize the structure of hydraulic works, offering innovative solutions;
  • apply specific calculation methods (statistical, hydrological and hydraulic) leading to precise designs;
  • drafting reports and specifications on the work.

An integrated approach

At Frosio Next we strongly believe in the power of integrated design. Our synergistic method sees different team figures engaged in a design activity: with our diversified but integrable skills we are able to provide all the elements necessary to realize the best project, achieving a controlled and optimized final result in all its parts.

If you want to know more about this topic or you need a trustworthy company to rely on for realizations or advice of hydraulic works, contact us!

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